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23 Dec 2012

Windowblinds v7.4.0 Build 320 With 127 Best Visual Styles

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Windowblinds v7.4.0 Build 320 With 127 Best Visual Styles

Windowblinds v7.4.0 Build 320 With 127 Best Visual Styles | 554 MB

WindowBlinds 7 - a program that provides users with the ability to completely change the Windows graphical user interface by setting the visual styles. In the distribution included 127 the best of them ... from the designers: vStyler, 2of3, Tom Richter, Essorant, MadCat21, Ross Fairbanks, LightStar, Mike Bryant, adni18, Mirsguy, Xiandi, JJ. Ying, Stardock design and others.

WindowBlinds program includes such useful features as support for collapsible buttons (roll-up buttons), the location of the buttons on top of other objects (always-on top buttons), links and more. Styles in WindowBlinds visual style are able to provide animation, sound, alpha transparency of the taskbar, change the icon on the toolbar.
The program allows the user to customize themselves very topic - color, clarity, imposing of textures, the choice of any font. All that the user can choose to your taste. You can also save the settings presets. Another important, and rare for this type of program feature is the ability to select specific applications that will not be reissued through windowblinds. This is very useful to improve compatibility with the rare and little-known applications. Although I have not seen.
Through WindowBlinds can be improved system performance. This program supports a set of functionality additions - technology Hypercache, which uses more video memory in most modern cards to improve performance when working with OS interface. The new version adds a variety of effects, new interface program and its components.

Additional information and tips:
1 Thanks to the patch window reminders about buying will be almost no get out. Thanks Trial Reset trial will never end.
2 You can automate Trial Reset via Scheduled Tasks in Control Panel.
3 This method does not require overlap through the firewall.
4 The distribution of mostly premium master themes (paid). From free but good. So far, some of the lack of copyright wallpaper (will be added in the future).
5 You may find yourself home copyrights wallpapers for any style / theme. Just type in a search engine - "WinCustomize **** wallpaper" (without quotation marks, asterisks topic name) and go to the first link.
6 Topics are set by double-clicking the mouse, only after installing windowblinds
7 The Change theme color palette is available only enhanced version of windowblinds
8 hands thoroughly tested on several machines, performance - 100%.

Run the file "WindowBlinds 7 public.exe" as administrator and follow the instructions.
Topics are set by double-clicking the mouse, but only after installing windowblinds.

The procedure for treatment:
1 Close the program after installation
2 Put the patch in the folder with the program, patch files (Run as Administrator)
3 Then you can remove the patch
4 Start Trial Reset when needed (in this case the program off optional)
5 Profit!

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